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Alicia Ferris, MS, LMHC I am a licensed therapist in Olympia, Washington with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. I specialize in Reproductive Mental Health/ Reproductive Psychology and help individuals and couples as they live through and process their experiences around infertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and postpartum and parenting transitions. 

My approach is informed by research as well as personal experience and a desire to help others feel understood and supported through challenges that are rarely talked about and deeply personal. I use tools and methods that are proven to relieve the stress and emotional toll that these experiences can take on individuals and their relationships.

I am well-versed in research and evidence-based practices with hands-on experience providing these models as well as training others in them. I am trained in infertility counseling through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and am a certified Perinatal Mental Health counselor. 

I spent seven years as the Chief Clinical Officer of a non-profit launching a behavioral health division rolling out cutting-edge practices by working closely with Universities and state agencies to adapt proven models to underserved populations. I have worked in numerous settings, from schools to health clinics to tribes and homeless drop-in centers. 

Why Simple Joy?

In my years of counseling and holding space for others, I've come away with the belief that simply staying present and focusing on the joy we find there, is the key to facing the complex hardships of life. Counseling can help provide validation, give you tools to ease the burden and help you gain new perspectives on your truths. You do not need to grin and bear it alone through these experiences. There is help, support and a safe space to process the challenges you are facing and learn to THRIVE instead of just survive.


Alicia Ferris, MS, LMHC

MS: Masters in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University (2006)

LMHC: Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Washington State Department of Health

PMH-C: Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor

SUDP: Certified Substance Use Disorder Professional - Washington State Department of Health

CMHS: Child Mental Health Specialist - Washington State Department of Health

Professional Memberships

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Perinatal Support Washington

Resolve member

American Counseling Association

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